Which Apple Is The Sweetest?

There are thousands of different varieties of apple in the world. Each one has its own flavor profile – but which variety of apple is the sweetest? 

Which Apple Is The Sweetest

If you want to find the best apple variety for you, then this is the guide for you. Here, we are going to be listing the sweetest varieties of apple out there (including the sweetest variety you can try).

This way, you can learn which apple is the sweetest and discover other sweet apple varieties for you to explore. 

What Is The Sweetest Variety Of Apple?

Fuji apples are widely regarded as the sweetest variety of apple. 

Their sweetness is often compared to honey in flavor. This sweetness also extends to their aroma as Fuji apples are said to have a sweet, floral aroma.

These features contribute to the high popularity of Fuji apples, along with their renowned juiciness and tender and crisp flesh. 

The reason why Fuji apples are so sweet is because of their high sugar content. The more sugar an apple contains, the sweeter it will taste. Apples contain a range of different sugars including: 

  • Sucrose
  • Fructose
  • Glucose
  • Sorbitol

Fuji apples on average are 16% to 18% sugar (as measured by the Brix scale, which is used to measure the sugar content in various fruits, soft drinks, and more).

The riper the Fuji apple, the sweeter it is as the acidity of the apple is converted into sugar instead. 

This is why if you ask anyone, they will tell you that the sweetest apples are Fuji apples without question. 

Other Sweet Varieties Of Apples For You Try

If you want to try other varieties of apples that are also sweet like Fuji apples, then here are some alternative varieties for you to try out! Check them out in the list below! 

Kiku Apples 

Kiku apples are a variety of apples created from a natural mutation in Fuji apples. So, in a way, Kiku apples are like the ‘offspring’ of Fuji apples and have inherited a lot of its qualities. 

This includes the Fuji apples’ sweetness. Kiku apples also contain high levels of sugar (16% to 17% on the Brix scale) and are juicy, crunchy, and super sweet to taste.

They tend to have brighter red flesh than Fuji apples and this led to Kiku apples also inheriting the name the ‘Red Fuji;. 

However, you probably won’t find Kiku apples at your local grocery store. These apples are very rarely found as they randomly grow on Fuji trees – so they’re hard to get your hands on. 

Ambrosia Apples

The  third sweetest type of apple is the ambrosia apple. 

On the Brix scale, ambrosia apples can have levels up to 17%. Their sweet flavor is rich and deep with the combined honey flavor and floral aroma often seen in Fuji and Kuki apples. 

However, like with Kuki apples, they’re more difficult to find than Fuji apples. They are usually imported for sale in the US between October and March and are usually only sold at large super-stores. 

Gala Apples

Which Apple Is The Sweetest (1)

Next up we have gala apples. 

This variety has a Brix scale rating between 14% to 16% and this lower sugar level can be seen in its flavor. While gala apples are very sweet, they have an underlying tartness that indicates its higher acidity level.

While their flavor is often compared to honey but also pears – another indicator that they aren’t as sweet as Fuji, Kuki, or even ambrosia apples. 

Honeycrisp Apples 

Honeycrisp apples have a lot of similarities with gala apples. 

While honeycrisp apples have a lower sugar content, with an average 12.6% Brix level, they also share a similar sweet yet slightly tart flavor.

This means that they are sweet enough to be ranked as one of the sweetest apple varieties in the world – but not enough to break the top three. 

In terms of flavor, honeycrisp apples have a good flavor of honey-like sweetness (hence the name) but their higher acidity level adds a touch of tartness to the overall flavor profile. 

Red Delicious 

The final apple variety on our list is the red delicious. 

Red delicious apples have a Brix scale rating between 11% to 15%. This means that the ripest red delicious can sometimes taste sweeter than honeycrisp apples but on average, they tend to sit just below. 

Final Thoughts

So, the sweetest variety of apple in the world is widely considered to be Fuji apples. They contain a high level of sugar that only increases as the apple ripens. So, if you want to try the sweetest apple possible, try eating a Fuji apple. 

If you want to try other varieties of apple that are also super sweet, then check out the options in the list above. 

We hope this article helped answer your questions about apples and their sweetness! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Apple Is The Healthiest?

Apples are very healthy fruit, even though some sweeter varieties may contain high levels of natural sugars. However, the healthiest apple is considered to be the red delicious. 

Red delicious apples are sweet but they contain high levels of antioxidants like anthocyanin. Anthocyanins alone are: 


So, they can help boost your health and protect you from ailments and issues that could potentially harm your long-term and short-term health and wellbeing.

Which Apple Has The Most Sugar?

High sugar levels in an apple usually means that it will taste sweet in flavor. This is why Fuji apples, the sweetest type of apple out there, also have some of the highest sugar content levels (between 16% to 18% on average). 

However, this isn’t always the case. Take Granny Smith apples, for example. They are very tart and sour but can contain sugar levels ranging between 12% to 18%! 

So, tartnes isn’t always an indicator that a certain variety of apples is low in sugar. If you are trying to avoid fruit that are high in sugar, always check the average sugar content for each apple variety – there may be a few surprises in store for you!

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