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Valentina Hernandez - Founder

Hello, my name is Valentina and I am the founder or ‘grower’ as I like to call myself of

Cultivating my own fruit trees is definitely my passion, and has been for such a long time. 

Growing up, I loved visiting my grandparents. They were retired from as long as I can remember, and oh they lived life as it should be lived! They had their own farm, with fields, allotments, and orchards. 

On the weekends, I’d spend all of my time picking the fruit trees, checking to see if the berries were ripe (and pinching a few for myself), and sewing seeds for the next season. I just loved it. 

It kept me busy, out of trouble, and brought me closer to my grandparents. At the end of the day, when the sun had gone down, my grandma would make the most delicious apple and raspberry pies and crumbles that would just melt in your mouth. Oh how I miss those days.

Now, I grow my own fruits and berries to make pies and desserts for my own family, using my grandma’s incredible recipes. 

I love being able to grow my own produce, and use them in home cooked meals and pies. Everything is better when it is home grown, and it tastes better too, as it is grown with love…and a little sweat and tears! 

I think what holds people back from growing their own fruits and berries is that they simply don’t know how, and you don’t want to waste time pruning and nurturing your berries to no avail.

That’s what made me want to make this website. I wanted to create a place where I could share my experiences with others, teach more people how to grow fruit trees, and just help them have a little fun with it. 

You can find informative articles, how-to guides, frequently asked questions, and so much more- all about fruit trees and bushes on my site.

Iris Álvarez - Author

Hello, welcome to! Here, I work as a writer alongside Valentina. 

Living with the land has long been a passion within my family, and I often enjoyed working on our parents’ farm. Today, we still take care of the land, and ensure that we can give back to our community. 

I now head out to markets, selling our home-grown fruits and produce to our neighbors and friends at competitive prices, which really makes me feel like I can give something back.

Valentina came up with the idea of starting this website. She wanted to offer advice and share her knowledge of growing her own trees, in the hope that others would start to try agriculture-living for themselves. 

I absolutely love this idea, and want to help in any way that I can. Growing up, I garnered a lot of experience in this area, and have so much that I can share with you.

Now, I help write the articles, research, and expand my own understanding, so that I can pass this on to our lovely BonitaFruitTrees community. 

I hope that you will enjoy this experience as much as I have enjoyed being a part of it.

Join us in our little community, and become a fruit enthusiast like us.


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