How To Freeze Raspberries

Raspberries are an excellent summer fruit that can be used for various recipes and beverages. However, the only problem is, they only last for a short time – even in the refrigerator. They are a delicate type of perishable fruit.

How To Freeze Raspberries?

If they are not handled well, then they can last for a very short time. At most, if you are looking to eat the raspberries at their best, then they are likely to only last two days stored in a refrigerator.

When left out of the cold temperature, they will not even last a day. If you have lots of raspberries to hand, then fear not! While you will not be eating them all in two days, you can freeze them in order for them to last much longer.

In this article, you will learn how to freeze raspberries to make them last for months. Yes, you heard that right!

How Can You Make Raspberries Last Longer?

One of the best ways of making raspberries last longer is by putting them at a cold temperature. One way is by placing them into the refrigerator, but even this will only make them last for around two days – or more if they are handled well.

The best way is to put the raspberries into the freezer. Handling the raspberries with great care will always make them last much longer. Raspberries that are wet and bruised will go rotten quickly.

So make sure you do not refrigerate or freeze raspberries that do not look healthy. If they are a little soft, then eat them rather than store them.

How Can You Tell Raspberries Have Gone Bad?

If you have had raspberries for more than two days, then you might be wondering if they have gone bad. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to find out if they have. For example, if there is mold forming, then the raspberries are not safe to eat.

Raspberries also tend to turn into mush or be very soft. You may also notice an odd smell. If you notice any of these things, then it is better to throw them out. They will not freeze well!

What Is The Best Method Of Freezing Raspberries?

Here are the best tips for freezing raspberries the right way:

Step 1

Before you place the raspberries in the freezer, you will want to pick out any that look like they are going rotten. This may be spoiled raspberries or ones with mold growth.

Step 2

Now that you have healthy raspberries, gently place them into a mesh strainer or a colander. Rinse them under the tap using cold water. Make sure that you do not spoil any of the raspberries during this step.

Step 3

How To Freeze Raspberries?

Before you can freeze them, you will want to make sure that they are dry. If they are not, then they will turn mushy once thawed.

Place the raspberries on a paper towel and let them air dry upside down. Again, be very careful when handling them. Any that becomes spoilt can be eaten!

Step 4

Using a sheet pan, place parchment paper on top. Place each raspberry separately making sure that they do not touch one another. Place the sheet pan into the freezer for either four hours or overnight. They need to become frozen individually first.

Step 5

Once the raspberries are frozen, place them into a freezer-safe bag or container. Make sure that you remove as much air as possible, and that nothing is wet on the inside. Place them into the freezer.

What Should You Do Before Freezing Raspberries?

Before you freeze raspberries, you need to make sure that they are completely dry. If there is lots of moisture – even just a little bit – on the raspberries, then they will be mushy when you thaw them.

This means the texture and flavor will be different to how it should be. When defrosting, leave them at room temperature to go back to their normal state.

Another thing to note is to make sure that whatever you put the raspberries in has little to no air. Having air in the Ziploc bag or container will cause freezer burn. This will again change the textures and flavors of the raspberries.

How To Defrost Frozen Raspberries?

There is no trick to defrosting raspberries. All you need to do is place them on a paper towel and let them thaw to room temperature. You may want to have the raspberries upside down so the inner part does not collect water.

However, if you are planning to bake with them, there is no need to thaw raspberries. Having them frozen is the best way to stop extra liquid from seeping into the batter or dough of your bake.

If you are making something like pancakes, however, then defrosting them first is a great idea. You also do not need to thaw raspberries if you plan to snack on them. Frozen raspberries are a delicious treat!

Do Frozen Raspberries Last Longer Than Refrigerated Raspberries?

Frozen raspberries last much longer than refrigerated raspberries. Due to the delicate nature of raspberries, they might only last up to two days in the refrigerator. Placing unbruised and healthy raspberries in the freezer can make them last up to a year.

However, you will need to store them correctly in order for them to last this long. When the raspberries are frozen, they cannot become spoiled. However, the longer you leave them they might begin to take on the taste of the freezer, as well as suffer from freezer burn.

Final Thoughts

Raspberries are delicious and nutritious to eat, but the only problem is, they do not last very long. Due to being delicate and highly perishable, the best way to preserve them is to freeze them.

Fortunately, it is very easy to do. So long as you remove any spoiled raspberries and ensure that they are dry, as well as packaged well, then the frozen raspberries can last for up to a year.

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