How To Cut An Apple Into Slices

There are several ways to cut the humble apple and some are easier than others.

Each of them involves making sure that you avoid biting down on the core and chewing the seeds. That could be chopping through the apple core or going around it, just make sure you avoid eating it.

How To Cut An Apple Into Slices

Once you have cut your apple, you should eat the slices quickly to prevent them from browning.

In this guide, we will look at three ways of cutting an apple into slices. This will include slicing around the core, keeping the apple together, and cutting an apple into wedges. We will also detail how to prevent apple slices from browning.

How To Cut An Apple Into Slices

There are several ways to cut an apple into slices and we are going to look at three of them. The first involves slicing around the core of the apple, the second helps to keep the apple intact, and the third cuts it into wedges.

Each of these methods involves removing the core so make sure you deal with it responsibly, possibly as compost.

Slicing Around The Apple Core

By slicing around the apple core, you can make sure you avoid any seeds and that chewy center. The core is also left intact so it is easy to dispose of.

  1. Place the apple securely on a chopping board.
  2. Make your slices off-center so they do not go through the apple’s core.
  3. Rotate the apple and with four slices, you should be left with an intact core.
  4. Dispose of the core in the recycling bin or garbage.
  5. Place the remaining pieces of the apple flat on the chopping board.
  6. Slice or dice the pieces into your desired thickness or shape.

Keeping A Sliced Apple Together

It is possible to cut an apple into slices and have it remain together. That way you can take the apple with you and know you will have a few ready-made slices.

  1. Hold the apple on a chopping board and cut through vertically a centimeter from the core.
  2. With parallel cuts on either side of the apple, you should be left with three pieces.
  3. Make two further cuts, perpendicular to the first cuts so you get nine pieces.
  4. The core will still be intact and you can put the slices together then put a rubber band around the apple.
  5. This method creates apple slices but without any of them being exposed to the air.

Cutting An Apple Into Wedges

If you like chunky slices of your apple, you only need to cut it into wedges.

  1. On a chopping board, cut the apple through the core into four equally-sized pieces.
  2. Chop out the core for each quarter.
  3. Continue to slice the apple into wedges, as thin or as thick as you want.
How To Cut An Apple Into Slices

How To Prevent Apple Slices From Browning

If you are preparing apple slices for a large recipe you may be using up a few apples. You should be keen to prevent the slices from browning, especially for an apple crisp or apple overnight oats recipe.

Thankfully, there is a simple way to keep those apple slices looking fresh and it requires some lemon juice. With a teaspoon of freshly squeezed or bottled lemon juice, you can look after each half a pound of sliced apple.

Place the apple slices into a bowl and toss them in the lemon juice. Once covered, transfer the bowl of apple slices to the refrigerator and they should remain fresh for two or three days.

That’s due to the citric acid in the lemon juice which stops the slices from oxidizing and browning. This layer of liquid, which is lower in pH, will create a barrier to prevent the air and oxygen from reacting with the slices.

If you have any available, you can sprinkle on some citric acid powder which will have a similar result.

Alternatively, you could submerge the apple slices in a bowl of water. With a layer of water, the slices cannot get into contact with the open air and cannot oxidize or brown.

Final Thoughts

There are several ways to cut an apple into slices but each one involves different ways of removing its core. You could slice the apple in half, scoop out the core, and simply cut the rest of the apple into slices.

Whichever way you decide to slice your apple, make sure that you use a clean chopping board. The apple may sit upright on the board yet be careful to hold it securely as you do not want the sharp knife to slip.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Should You Prepare To Cut An Apple Into Slices?

Before you cut into an apple, wash it thoroughly and then dry it. Whether the apple was picked off a tree or bought in a store, it may harbor pesticides and bacteria.

Give it a good rinse to remove any dirt that may be on the surface. The last thing you want is bacteria on your well-cut apple slices.

How Do You Successfully Peel An Apple?

You may need apple slices that need to be peeled first and there are two ways to do that. The first is with a peeler, specifically a y-shaped one, with an ergonomic shape.

Start at the top of the apple close to the stem and work your way down to create strips of peel. Rotate the apple and continue peeling it until no skin remains.

The second method requires a paring knife and you should be careful as it should be sharp. Again, start at the top of the apple near to the stem and firmly hold the fruit in one of your hands.

Hold the paring knife with the other hand and make a single shallow cut. Rotate the apple carefully and watch the peel come away.

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