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In the US, we import a huge amount of produce. But some are mass produced, filled with pesticides and chemicals, and we often purchase fruit without even knowing where it has come from! 

Why buy fruit from the store when you can grow your own at home?

Here at BonitaFruitTrees, growing our own fruit is our passion. 

Growing your own fruit trees is so rewarding- you get beautiful blossoms, not to mention the tasty fruit, and you get free food! What’s not to love? 

In addition, fruit trees are incredibly low maintenance in comparison to growing other foods and vegetables. Fruit trees may be small, but they are so mighty- and your backyard or allotment will look ever so pretty.

This is why we started BonitaFruitTrees.com. 

Bonita means ‘pretty’ in Spanish. It’s a beautiful word that is perfect for how we feel about fruit trees and bushes. As this site is founded by a family of Spanish origin, it seemed like the perfect name to describe our passion. 

BonitaFruitTrees is all about growing your own fruit. Whether you like strawberries, peaches, cherries, or apples. You can learn how to grow an abundance and variety of fruits with our help!

It’s actually very simple, and so rewarding. Our articles are written from the heart, with helpful tips and tricks to grow the most delicious fruits you will ever taste.

Not only will we help you learn how to grow your own fruit trees, but we can also help you learn how best to harvest them, pick them, can them, store them, and how long each fruit will last.

If you want to learn something about fruit trees, then you’re in the right place, here at BonitaFruitTrees.com.

Click here to meet the team behind bonitafruittrees.com! 

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